My name is Jacqueline Bosby and I am looking for Sponsors or Partners for new ideas and opportunities for African Americans.

I’m  the acting administrator working at Boggs Rural Life Center, Inc formally Boggs Academy and located on 1250 acres of land in rural Burke County- Keysville, Ga. (about 30 miles from Augusta Ga.)

To date, we have launched our African American Research Library which will only house books written by or about African American culture and history.

We are coordinating 2 writing workshops and an annual book writing conference for teens.

Starting in September 2018, we will be having tours every Tuesday and Thursday for our Black Youth Heritage Expo.

Now we are partnering with Paine College hopefully to add a production studio on Boggs Rural Life Center Campus which will open the doors for Studio Production classes and a place for an African American acting school.

We need help to grow.  Visit our website for more information.  Thank you.